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The medical instruments manufactured by our company are partially compensated by the Romanian Health Insurance Houses. For further information contact the Health Insurance House from Bihor county.

Health Insurance House Bihor (Casa de Asigurări de Sănătate (CAS) Bihor)
Address: Şos. Borsului Km. 4, Oradea, jud. Bihor
Tel.: 0259-476-827
TELVERDE: 0.800.800.969
Fax: 0259/476.827
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

The medical instruments registered by SC Aktapa Ortopedica SRL at the Ministry of Public Health ar the following:

- Boots for diformities RO / C-027-029-01

- Boots with strong heel counter RO / C-027-029-02

- Boots for amputation of toes RO / C-027-029-03

- Boots for amputation RO / C-027-029-04

- Shoes for diformities RO / C-027-029-05

- Shoes for amputation of toes RO / C-027-029-06

- Shoes for amputation RO / C-027-029-07

- Insoles for pes planus, up to size 23 including RO / C-027-083-01

- Sandwich type insoles for pes planus, up to size 23 including RO / C-027-083-02

- Sandwich type insoles with scaphoid pad, up to size 23 including RO / C-027-083-03

- Insoles for neuropathic foot, up to size 23 including RO / C-027-083-04

- Insoles for pes planus, from size 23,5 up RO / C-027-083-05

- Sandwich type insoles for pes planus, from size 23,5 up RO / C-027-083-06

- Sandwich type insoles with scaphoid pad, from size 23,5 up RO / C-027-083-07

- Insoles for neuropathic foot, from size 23,5 up RO / C-027-083-08


Parents often don't worry enough over their children's developing foot. As many adult foot problems can have their origins in childhood, attention to footwear in children can minimize the risk of these problems in adults.The most important factor in shoes for a child is that they fit. Poorly fitting children's shoes can cause a number of problems in adults such as hammer toes, ingrown toenails, foot corns, calluses and bunions. Given the high level of pain and discomfort that these problems can cause, it is obviously logical to attempt to prevent these problems by ensuring that the child's shoe is fitted appropriately. Foot problems in children are usually preventable.

Essential for them is that
the heel counter (back part of the shoe) should be strong and stable, the shoe should be flexible across the ball of the foot, as this is where the foot bends. Besides this, the shoes should have rounded toe boxes to give the toes more room to move, the heel should be suported to prevent injuries and to ensure the right development of the feet.


The "diabetes foot" is one of the common problems of diabetes. The high blood glucose, also called blood sugar, can damage many parts of the body, such as the heart, blood vessels, eyes, and kidneys. According to a survey, 25-35 % of the people who have diabetes, suffer also from feet complications. These consist in damage to nerves in the legs and feet; with damaged nerves, the patient might not feel pain, heat, or cold in the legs and feet. A sore or cut on the foot may get worse because you do not know it is there. This lack of feeling is caused by nerve damage, also called diabeti
c neuropathy. Nerve damage can lead to a sore or an infection. The other manifestation of diabetes in the feet is the poor blood flow. This second problem happens when not enough blood flows to legs and feet. Poor blood flow makes it hard for a sore or infection to heal. Anyone can have corns, blisters, and other foot problems, but in case you have diabetes and your blood glucose stays high, these foot problems can lead to infections.
In general it can be observed that the ulcer and amputation rate is with forty percent higher at the population with diabetes, but it can be reduced up to 85% with an adequate prevention measures, one very important of them being a made to measure ortopaedic footware.



Only a few know that the Romanian Health Insurance Houses compensate a big procent (90%) of the prices from the ortopaedic shoeware and foot-correction insoles. To obtain this compensation you need the prescription (receipt) of the footware by the ortopaedic specialist, with which the patient has to the Health Insurance House for compliting the procedure

SC AKTAPA ORTOPEDICA has contract with the Healt Insurance Houses from the following counties: Alba, Bihor, Covasna, Galaţi, Hunedoara, Maramureş, Mehedinţi, Sălaj, Satu Mare, Sibiu, Vâlcea. For their contact details, pleas click here .

For contacting the Healt Insurance House from Bihor county, here you can find the address:
Casa de Asigurări de Sănătate Bihor
Adresă: Şos. Borsului Km. 4, Oradea, jud. Bihor
Tel.: 0259-476-827
TELVERDE: 0.800.800.969
Fax: 0259/476.827

For further information please click here .